About Syntropy


Society is experiencing a pandemic of stress. But Syntropy has a vision for a better future!

Syntropy is a simple and effective way for people to boost their health and wellbeing through art, music, breathwork and relaxation.

Syntropy is so effective because we blend art with science. Our Breath Pacers and Relaxation videos employ the scientifically proven benefits of breathwork, art and music therapy, meditation, and emotion regulation. Large bodies of current research support our approach


Using Audio Visual breath pacers is a form of Focussed Attention Meditation (FAM) where attention is place on both an external (the art and music) and internal (the breath) source. FAM improves interoception, benefits cognitive performance and attention and reduces stress.


Slow, deep and balanced nasal breathing at a rate of around 6 breaths per minute has multiple benefits including improved mood and feelings of calm alertness; optimal physical and cognitive function (coherence); optimized energy supply; improved CO2 homeostasis; benefits to cardiorespiratory health; increased vagal tone.


Art has the power to absorb the mind and reduce anxiety. Abstract art bypasses the conscious "meaning making" mind. Geometries like mandalas have been shown in clinical studies to reduce stress; lower blood pressure; reduce depression; ease pain; improve sleep and boost the immune system.


Slower and more rhythmic music reduces stress; increases relaxation; benefits cardio respiratory function; reduces pain and facilitates the experience of positive emotions.


We have the ability to choose our emotions. Choosing to enjoy beautiful art and music generates positive emotional states. Positive emotions benefit physical and mental health; cognition; build resilience; help us to develop new relationships and strengthen existing relationships.