Syntropy Artists

Our mission is to support artists and musicians who are passionate about playing their part in helping to heal our stressed and unhappy society.

Each week we’ll showcase a brand new video in the app from our artist of the week, as well as feature all the amazing artists and musicians who have contributed to Syntropy.

Enjoy exploring the talent on show - Coming Soon

Allie Joy & Mark Soden

Allie Joy is a Digital artist who has exhibited her art internationally. She is an artist in residence at Birmingham Open Media and Pervasive Studio at Watershed, Bristol.

Mark Soden is the Managing Partner of Mirror Noir Records and releases music globally under the band names Cydonia Collective and Serenity States.

Together they co-created the original Syntropy States AV series for Relax and Breathe as well as all of the content on the Syntropy app.

Syntropy States Allie Joy Mark Soden