Throughout 2021

We have received excellent reviews from our content on the Insight Timer app. Nine of our breath pacer videos have featured throughout the year and we have been nominated video of the week by the Insight Timer staff on several occasions.

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The Spicer Method

Syntropy States and The Spicer Method 

Valerian Spicer is a retired Top 20 world ranked boxer and Dominica Sportswoman of The Year 2016.

In 2018 she teamed up with psychologist Andy Cole and between them developed The Spicer Method which is now using the Syntropy States breath pacers as part of their training regime at their gym in London.

Syntropy States - The Spicer Method


December - 2021

An informative blog written on back of a Steamhouse event ‘Digital art and Interpersonal Interaction’ where Allie Joy showcased what we’re doing here at Syntropy States.

Syntropy States - Steam House Digbeth

ARTS TRIBUTE  - Art call

Sunday November 5th - 2021

Here is another art call this time from the UK’s Syntropy States. The most common definition for syntropy is that it’s the opposite of entropy. Entropy is typically defined as disorder, randomness, chaos, death, extinction, random mutations, cancer, and closed-up energy. 

The Syntropy States is a small digital arts start-up organization that aims for big-time changes. It is a platform that brings together the digital arts with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation. The organization has an aim to put art and music together, to play an important role in people’s health and happiness.

Syntropy States - Breath Pacer Audio

ALT - PITCH 2021 Award Winner

We are delighted to announce that the Syntropy States experiential Medeor breath pacer using digital generative art accompanied by binaural music has won one of three Arts Council England Awards. 

Syntropy States - Breath Pacer Audio

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Syntropy 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)