Syntropy collaborates with I AM YOGI! We have joined forces to create an immersive yoga event for Winter Solstice 2023.

Nestled in the Moseley Park woods, this custom built yoga cabin really shows off Syntropy's artwork! 

Both yoga events are now sold out! If you are interested in hosting Syntropy for your yoga class or event please get in touch.  

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Women in Tech Awards

Allie Joy is a finalist in the prestigious Women in Tech Awards 2023, specifically in the Start-up Founder category. This recognition celebrates her achievements and her dedication to innovation and technology with her work at Syntropy States. 

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Birmingham Business Magazine

Syntropy was featured in Birmingham Business Magazine, print and digital copies available.

Follow this link to read more!

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Free Audio Visual Webinar

Syntropy - The Art of Wellbeing

Join us for a unique, transcendental journey into psychedelic art and chillout music.

Syntropy’s co-founder Gavin Andrews will be showcasing a series of stunning video artworks created by international artists and musicians and designed specifically to bypass your conscious mind and transport you into deep states of relaxation and renewal.
In the space between each of the video artworks, Gavin will guide you in simple but powerful HeartMath coherence techniques which will bring balance to your mind, body and soul.

This FREE audio-visual event is taking place on Wednesday 16th April, 20:00 - 20:30 GMT/UTC, via zoom. Places are limited, so sign up now to avoid disappointment.
P.S… To achieve the optimal psychedelic effect, we invite you to watch on a large screen, in a darkened room and wearing your headphones. Sit back, relax and lose yourself in 30 minutes of bliss!

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Women in Innovation

Aston University

 In honour of international Women’s Day, Advanced Prototyping Facility organised Innovation Women Conference, which focus was on inspiring more women and girls to enter the innovation and technology fields.
Allie Joy was invited to speak along with other women who shared stories based on events in their life about what encouraged them to follow their dreams.
This event was also a learning and networking opportunity design by women for women. Attendees had chance to
learn from other successful like-minded women in business and science. 

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Girls That Geek

MAC, Birmingham

This event invited girls aged 13-17 to come and explore females in STEM. Syntropy was asked to showcase a series of videos and talk to the attendees about creative technology. 

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Humans and Places hosted by St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings

Allie Joy presents Syntropy 360

This event invited the audience to engage in an active conversation about how humans experience the environments in which they exist. Three artists presented three very different artworks reflecting on their own connection with their surroundings, using digital technology.

SYNTROPY 360 is an immersive media piece used as a relaxation aid. Nature is one of our greatest tools to reduce anxiety and induce a state of relaxation. Beautiful art and music generate positive emotional states. Positive emotions benefit physical and mental health, cognition and relationships. Allie presented her work and invited the audience to reflect on the effect it has on people.

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HeartMath Coaches get Syntropy Certified! 

We’re delighted to announce that over 150 HeartMath Coaches across the globe have become Syntropy Certified.

Heartmath coaches will now be using the Syntropy app and video artworks professionally in their coaching and training. HeartMath Coaches come from a wide variety of professions including organisational/business coaching and life coaching and backgrounds such as health, mental health, medicine, lifestyle, sport, emergency services and military. They will be using Syntropy’s video artworks to help their clients to learn, practise and enjoy coherence breathwork.

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We added a new function on Monday March 7th!

‘Elevate’ is a growing collection of inspiring vibes and visuals to uplift your mood. Give it a try on the Syntropy app whenever you want to banish the blues and feel positive, regenerative emotions instead. 

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Syntropy Artwork now available to buy 

Do you love Syntropy’s artwork? Is there one of our videos that you particularly enjoy?

Well now you can adorn your walls with our stunning abstracts, geometries and mandalas!
You can add a fresh and colourful new vibe to your home from just £25.00 including shipping. We’re working with an independent printer in North Wales who uses the finest quality paper for the prints.
Displaying and enjoying artwork that you have an emotional connection with can benefit your mental health. Hang an emotive piece somewhere you will see it every day, and you’ll transform not only your living space, but also your soul.
Did you know that what you perceive as colour is actually a sensation stimulated in the brain by wavelengths of light? Each wavelength stimulates the perception of a distinct colour, which is varied throughout the colour spectrum. Different colours and shapes can have different impacts on your moods.
When you buy art you’re not just treating and benefiting yourself, you’re also supporting the arts. That guarantees its future; and, as you already know, art has the power to benefit wellbeing.

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Gavin Andrews offers a Meditation with Syntropy Art & Sound

Gavin showcases some of the Syntropy States Breath Pacers and Relaxation Videos during this online session with Feast For The Soul.

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Throughout 2021

We have received excellent reviews from our content on the Insight Timer app. Nine of our breath pacer videos have featured throughout the year and we have been nominated video of the week by the Insight Timer staff on several occasions.

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December - 2021

An informative blog written on back of a Steamhouse event ‘Digital art and Interpersonal Interaction’ where Allie Joy showcased what we’re doing here at Syntropy States.

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ARTS TRIBUTE  - Art call

Sunday November 5th - 2021

Here is another art call this time from the UK’s Syntropy States. The most common definition for syntropy is that it’s the opposite of entropy. Entropy is typically defined as disorder, randomness, chaos, death, extinction, random mutations, cancer, and closed-up energy. 

The Syntropy States is a small digital arts start-up organization that aims for big-time changes. It is a platform that brings together the digital arts with breathing exercises, relaxation, and meditation. The organization has an aim to put art and music together, to play an important role in people’s health and happiness.

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ALT - PITCH 2021 Award Winner

We are delighted to announce that the Syntropy States experiential Medeor breath pacer using digital generative art accompanied by binaural music has won one of three Arts Council England Awards. 

Syntropy States - Breath Pacer Audio

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Syntropy 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF)